Suzy Brown


Suzy Brown works in the Udall Center's business office as an accountant. She is responsible for managing the Native Nations Institute's revenue, grant, and gift accounts. She approves purchasing card transactions, disbursement voucher payments, requisitions, and purchase orders. She works with principal investigators and assists with proposal preparation and submission. She prepares graduate research assistants and associates notice of appointments and supplemental compensation paperwork.

Suzy has a BS degree in general management from Boston College (1994) and an MBA from the University of Arizona (1999). Prior to starting her work at the Udall Center in September 2011, she worked at the UA Financial Services Office for over three years and she worked at the UA Soil, Water, and Environmental Science Department in their business office for over three years. Before working in the business arena, she worked on software projects for various information technology companies. Upon her college graduation, she worked at Macy's in downtown Boston.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.