A Primer on U.S. Immigration in a Global Economy

Places the phenomenon of immigration in the broad context of today's global economy. Provides historical background on current U.S. immigration policy and provides an objective synthesis of research findings and data to who the complex tradeoffs involved in this contentious public-policy issue.

Report(November 2006, PDF 2600 KB) Appendixes(November 2006, PDF 235 KB)

Data Tables (Microsoft Excel Files)
Population by County and Metropolitan Area(MS Excel 125 kb)
Employment by Industry and Occupation (MS Excel 385 kb)
Educational Attainment(MS Excel 72 kb)
Entrepreneurship (MS Excel 81 kb)
Foreign Born Regions of Origin(MS Excel 91 kb) 
Marital Status(MS Excel 94 kb) 
Per Capita Income (MS Excel 65 kb)
Real Arizona GDP (1997-2004) (MS Excel 75 kb)